Our vision and values

Your current package,
It creates your future business.

Packaging is our passion, we are confident that our motto is a reflection of not just one "good business".
Packaging creates the image of the product sold and drives prosperity.

We're here to create your best package.

    We are building a new quality in the market for packaging. Effectively and quickly we meet the needs of our Partners, and each client is treated with respect and kindness. The values ​​of our brand to emphasize that SET -BOX is a young company but with many years of experience, reliable, responsible and at the same time actively geared to the needs of the modern customer. Flexibility a solid foundation and concern for the customer are the essence of the brand SET- BOX.

    The mission of the company (SET- BOX) is to provide customers the highest quality product. It is the goal to which the company strives. It is the only way customers receive their goods which will be satisfied. In addition to striving to achieve reproducible, high performance product, SET- BOX is set to provide the best on the market for customer service: timely and rapid delivery and technological support for clients - these are the attributes of the company.

    The parameters of the product manufactured by SET -BOX meet the requirements of the standards. However, the production of a cardboard surface apparently seems to be very simple. To achieve the highest quality of product depend on a number of important factors. Constant control of close monitoring technology, guaranteed to make the best material. SET- BOX has developed its own internal individual quality control system. It mainly provides all repeatability parameters and as a result of that, our customers always receive the best material properties.

    Renowned suppliers of raw materials according to the adopted strategy allows the company to produce in a safe way for the natural environment which is a valuable asset for the region in which the company produces. SET- BOX does not pose a threat to the natural environment. Treating them as the most valuable by far, advocates the idea of ​​raising standards related to its security.