Development and investment

SET- BOX H. Golebiewski and R. Kosmalla Sp. J. take into account in their long term development strategy are two main aspects:

  • Investment through the development of infrastructure and machinery.
  • Improving the qualifications of employees who are a key element of the company.

Systematically implementing innovative solutions that offer favorable conditions for cooperation, and our offer is always competitive.

Investment in technological development and machinery allow us to customize products to suit individual needs and fulfill custom orders profiled to specific requirements.
The greatest assets of our company are our employees. These ambitious young people who have a passion for work and a desire to improve their qualifications. We know this because of their professionalism, expertise, experience and commitment of the company is successful. Their work significantly affects the quality of our products and the production process. We strive to provide the best possible advantage of the abilities and skills of our employees. In return, we strive to enable the continuous development and improvement of their competence. Consequently familiarize all employees with company strategy SET- BOX.